Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Home in Gurgaon

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Home in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the most thriving cities in the country and owning a home in the Millenium City promises profits in many aspects. So, purchasing a home in Gurgaon for investment purposes is also the right decision. A newly bought home fulfilling all the conditions of the right property comes with the promise of bringing fortunes in the future.

Gurgaon is also the best place for settling down as the thriving city offers a lot of provisions for achieving a successful career, a vibrant nightlife, an abundance of luxury & comfort, and ease of living with premium education, hospitality, and health facilities.

You must make your decision diligently as many factors affect your gains. Here is the list of things you must consider before you purchase a home.

  1. Select The Type and Status of The Home

When you have decided to buy a property in such a booming city, first decide the type and status of the home as you want to buy an independent floor, an apartment, or a villa. A wide range of housing options are available in Gurgaon for instance Elan Group offers high-rise and mid-rise apartments enriched with ultra-modern luxury and state-of-the-art facilities.

You should also decide the status of the home as if you are buying a home to move in, ready-to-move is the best option and the experts suggest buying an under-construction property for investment purposes.

  1. Connectivity Gives You the Convenience of Living

Connectivity gives you the convenience of living and therefore, your home should be well-connected with your workplace, schools, and hospitals. Moreover, it should offer good connectivity through different modes of transport like road, rail, and metro. Elan Builders Gurgaon develops most of the residential projects in the vicinity of metro stations and flourishing commercial spaces.

  1. Resale Value Makes a Home a Worthwhile Asset

Your home is not just a place to reside, it is also an asset and a home in Gurgaon is a lucrative asset. So, you must check the resale values of the home. Confirm the value appreciation before buying a home from the builder as Elan Miracle comes with considerable value appreciation.

Also, check the probability of further development in the locality as the infrastructural and commercial development in the locality turns your property into a gold mine.

  1. Rera Conformity Ensures Legal Security

If you are purchasing an under-construction home, you must confirm that the property is registered with RERA. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) ensures that your rights as a home buyer are protected and you get what you were promised at the time of booking the home.

  1. Construction Approvals to Get What Promised

Many times, some developers construct what the government has not approved. You may end up buying the top floor that the government had not approved in the documents. So, check thoroughly the documents to ensure that the builder is not offering anything illegal.

  1. Encumbrances Can Impact the Transferability

If you are buying a home that is available for resale, you should be extra careful as the encumbrances on the property can impact the transferability. You can take the help of any lawyer and get the record of the encumbrances checked.

  1. A Home Loan Increases Your Purchasing Capacity

You must decide on a budget before you start looking for a home and check the properties falling under your budget. But, if you happen to come across a better home in many other aspects, check if you can increase the amount of the home loan to increase your purchasing capacity. Buying a home from Elan Group offers you the advantage of easy approval because it is one of the renowned groups in Gurgaon.

  1. Property Documentation to Avoid Legal Hassles

Again, buying a home on resale makes you put in some extra effort because any loophole in the documentation puts you in the soup of legal hassles. You must also check the documents when you buy a ready-to-move or under-construction home but if you are purchasing it from a trusted developer, the trust of the developer makes it easy for you. Elan Builders Gurgaon is trusted for keeping property documentation updated.

  1. Amenities Translate into Comfort & Luxury

Check the list of amenities available with the home you are buying. The amenities translate into comfort and luxury. Elan Miracle offers a luxurious home with all ultra-modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. So, you must confirm that the amenities you are availing justify the price you are paying.

  1. The Reputation of The Developer Promises Quality

Checking the reputation of the developer is the most important aspect to consider because the facilities you get with the property and the construction quality depend on the reputation of the builder. A developer like Elan Group is the most trusted developer because it is committed to delivering what it promises to its customers.


Taking the above-mentioned suggestions into account before buying a home in Gurgaon will ensure that you buy the best possible home in your budget. A well-thought decision has the potential to turn a property into a gold mine. You can check the housing projects from Elan Builders Gurgaon which have the potential to fulfill your conditions and meet our expectations.

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